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Society6 was born to provide an open platform for artists to share their art, feed off the creativity and talent of those around them and sell their original designs on an array of different products to customers around the world.. ... We are an open, global community of 300,000+ independent artists from 160+ countries.

Diana F angrily mentioned, "I have been ordering from Sociey6 for years. I ordered a comforter, pillows and a clock. When the big box arrived the items looked nothing like the picture. I've been sending them e mails with no response. When I finally got a response. It wrote that they do not provide shipping. The shipping would cost me more than what I purchased. I had never had to return anything so I told all my friends about it. We are under quarantine and they want me not only to pay for shipping, but go out which we cannot."


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Jesse King says

"Woke up to an email this morning asking me to review my order now that I’ve received it. How ridiculous when I’m still waiting for my package. There are still no updates on the online tracking since January 7th. That’s 11 days with nothing. I don’t know how you could every expect to have any repeat business with this kind of service. Its literally a print, I don’t understand why the transit time is so long. At least give people the option to send with Australia Post if your carrier can’t deliver within a reasonable timeframe. As it is I paid $4.50 for delivery and your website states within 5-8 business days. This experience is just getting worse."

Ilenia Dervakou says

"Really bad customer service. The courier company claim that they cannot find society6 so they can provide the shipping cost. For two weeks now I am begging society6 to contact the courier company, only to sent an email and they keep ignoring me. I am ONLY saying to them 'Please sent an email, they are your colleagues not mine""

Dawn Hastings says

"Policies are unrealistic. Cancellations are only allowed within one hour. However, their shipping time are 14 days. They have terrible customer service. I would never recommend or buy from this company"

Faith Foster says

"I bought a hoody from them. Horrible quality. The picture is fading and I only wore this hoody 3 times. Will never purchase from them again."

sarah says

"Bought a full size comforter and it was 3 feet too short! My daughter is freezing every night because it only comes to her waist. They refused to accept a return or exchange for a king size, even though it clearly was not made to fit a full size mattress. Cheaply made with the pattern on only ONE side and white background on the other."

Appreciatin' Creation says

"My husband and I thought Society6 would be a good place to start with selling our photography. After many many hours of carefully submitting to our new society6 account, we were ready to start letting people know that we were "out there". As a trial, we ordered a set of stationary cards from ourselves. They came today. They are completely generic. Our photo on the front, printed on regular card stock paper, creased but not prefolded. Two of the three cards were creased in the wrong spot so they folded with white showing on the edge. Also, 2 of them were bent on the edges. No print of any kind to say who the artist is, where it came from , nothing. We could print these cards at home. Deactivated our account immediately. I'm actually glad no one bought anything now that we know the quality. If the little cards were this bad, I'd hate to see the big art prints and framed art. And, after over a week, when searching for our items, we couldn't find any of it unless we put the actual image name in (and we are the only ones who would have that info). Pages and pages and pages of some photographer who doesn't even have an active account. His listings take up the majority of the first 20 pages of searching for landscape and nature photography. Bummer."

Helen Gratriex says

"I placed a order for Christmas and didn’t receive it in time, I thought we’ll Christmas rush maybe not their fault; I placed another order on Sunday paid extra to get it before Thursday Tuesday morning I sent a message stating I had not seen anything regarding it being shipped and if it hadn’t been shipped yet to cancel my order because I would not receive it on time. They printed the label on Tuesday afternoon and sent me a message saying it was shipped!! Guess what I’m not getting it on time!! And it will cost me more to send it back I might as well have burned that extra money I paid to get it on time!!"

Lisa Kuley says

"There is a reason why the reviews are nowhere to be found on the site (or atleast not in an accessible place) - the site is a major rip off, borderline scam. I mean 49.99US is already a lot of money for a shower curtain but only you convert into Canadian dollars and add on the $20+ shipping charge (on a item that weighs less than 2 lbs!?!!?), it becomes an $80 shower curtain. Since I couldnt find anything like what I thought I was getting on society6, i debated for a few weeks then finally made the purchase. Took about 2.5 months to arrive. But even though I was home all day I still reciever only a note saying (by the senders request) that I go pick up the thing at the post office, at which point they charged me an additional $20. I really wish I could include a photo of what $100 canadian will get you at society6 but it seems I do not have that option here... So here I sit in my washroom, 2 days after finally getting my cheap as heck shower curtain with no rings, and no liner, just breathing in the chemical fumes the piece of garbage has been providing. 100% regret buying form this place. Oh wait I also complained to the company where they told me I could get some of my money back! But then was immediately dismayed as they are ONLY reimbursing the last charge of $20, and by reimburse what they meant was 'store credit'. Pretty sure I wont be using that but THANKKKS."

Corey Ingber says

"They shipped two framed prints in the same shipping box with neither a separation nor bubble wrap. Are they kidding? Both frames were nicked and chipped at the corners. I would never buy from this place ever."

Susan says

"I truly wanted to like Society6, but it was impossible. The customer support is basically nonexistent. I must have emailed Jeff O 8 times regarding an order that had not been delivered after waiting 6 weeks. He was nice enough but unfortunately did not seem to care that his responses were illogical. He is Probably not to blame - it is the responsibility of the business to follow up and take care of the issue. I contacted them and received one email from Society6 one month after I initially ordered an item. The message was that artists were backlogged and it was taking longer than expected to deliver the order, I contacted Society6 three weeks later when I did not hear again from them. This time the response was that they didn’t don’t know where my item was and that they were no longer in control of the process. The message was that they could give me a refund which will take us 7 to 10 days to process or They would replace the item with an alternative item at no cost. I had already paid $41.00 so of course there was a cost. Society6 is still selling the same item at a reduced price on their website, but could not figure out how to deliver it to me. Based on my experience I recommend not shopping with them. I really don’t like doing this but it was the most convoluted process I have experienced. and I don’t trust I will receive a refund from Society6. They make a statement on their website that at times things do not go smoothly - my sense is that it is a warning not to expect too much."

Jessie G says

"Upon placing my order, I was given a delivery date before Christmas 2020 if I ordered by a certain date (with) express shipping. I was okay and agreed to pay the express shipping upon checkout because they company told me my items would arrive before Christmas. Well the items arrived 4 days after Christmas, and when I emailed the company (email is only form of communication) they told me I was told in email AFTER CHECKOUT AND AFTER I ALREADY PAID FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING that my items have to be made first which take 4 business days. I was mislead and had that been the case I obviously would not have purchased anything. The company took several days to respond back to me, and when they did they said your items arrived within the time frame of express shipping and would not refund my shipping costs. First time ever purchasing from this company will never again! This company has poor customer service, only 1 form of communication which is email, and did not care to make this situation right by refunding only the shipping cost which I asked for because I felt mislead. Please spread word and dont buy from this company. Not worth the hassle. Save your money and shop elsewhere. I ordered 2 iPhone cases."

Karen Tripi says

"Their products are lovely. Make sure you intend to keep it before ordering. I have tried 6 times to get a return label. Each time they send me to yet another place to get help. They have automated responses..... and what they do send you is "no reply",. They run out the closk and then you cannot return anyway."

Christie says

"I've been purchasing items from Society 6 for a few years now with no issue. But this year, for some reason, they shipped my 5 items seperatly (all one order) and had to pay individual shipping for each item, which did not happen before. In addition, I had to pay a 10$ handeling fee for each pacakge! So in the end, I spent 150$ on merchandise, 44$ of shipping fees, 12$ of duties (which I was aware of) and 50$ of custom handeling fees. So Canadian customers, be aware of this when you place your order!"

JohnMZ says

"I just received three 20x26 framed art prints. The quality of the prints and matting seem good. But the colour, quality and condition of the frames (Conservation Natural) makes me regret my choice. The website is carefully worded as I understood the frames to be wood. It makes reference to "socially and environmentally responsible forests". Upon closer review I see that the website states that the frame is a 'natural frame colour'. It looks cheap. The paper finish of the frame is scratched in more than one location. The corners don't come together neatly so there are gaps exposing the white foil paper edges. And the colour is bright yellow like an aged maple, whereas the images of it online appear paler and more neutral like an oak. Would still recommend the art prints but suggest others give serious thought to where the art will be hung before purchasing the frames. UPDATE: I expressed my concerns to Society6 and they generously refunded my money in full, which is much more than I asked for or expected. I will definitely purchase their products again."

danverslunatic says

"Things are a bit hit or miss with this company. The hits for me are a small 8×10 print and a tote bag. Both very good quality, I was especially impressed with the tote bag. The miss was a hoodie. I loved the design online, but when it showed up the quality of the actual garmant was cheap and the print that was supposed to be centered on the back was up on the shoulders. Customer service was very helpful and immediately put in a replacement order...unfortunately the second one was even worse than the first! Customer service ended up issuing a refund, minus a few dollars...maybe what they paid the artist? I'm not really sure. I also recently purchased a t-shirt and while the print isn't great, it's also not awful." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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